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 GameMaster Rules!

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PostSubject: GameMaster Rules!   Thu Jul 07, 2011 5:15 pm

1. Do your best to help every and any player. I know you guys want to chill and have fun and do cartwheels in the FM, but, if there's a player that needs help, please go to him or her as soon as possible; it earns our server a good reputation.

2. "Helping" Players: As for showing them around the server, that's fine and dandy, but you may not help a player level, you may not give them items, you may not give them free warps.

3. Items: Don't give out any items, unless for example, a shop is broken and someone still needs to buy something, that's okay. Otherwise, giving out items is a no-no.

4. Events: One event per hour; more than one round is okay. If you're going to allow spectators, you have to allow every single person that asks, not just your personal friends.

5. Event Prizes: Refer to Anh's guide here.

6. Use of Commands: Commands are to be used WHEN NECESSARY. Repeat abusers will be demoted. ):

7. Mob Spawning: You may not spawn mobs unless they were part of an event (used to make a JQ harder), or they were for yourself. Do not ever summon mobs for players.

8. Warping: Before warping somebody to you, make sure they are okay with it. Also, no warping players into the Donor Map or GM room.

9. Banning: Permanent Bans are for: Hacks of any kind, Advertising, and repeat offenders of the ban list. Normal, non-ip bans: Spamming, Harassment. Please take a screenshot of the person being banned, so they have no excuses for their actions later. Do not ban for fun.

10. Community-wise: Besides your GM duties, please follow the rules as if you were a normal player, with the exception of certain hacks for events. This means no harassment, spamming, advertising, etc.
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GameMaster Rules!

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