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 Guild Hall Application!

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PostSubject: Guild Hall Application!   Sat Jul 09, 2011 9:16 am

This is private forum sections for the different members of each guild.

There is limited space for Guild hall,which available guild hall for now is 20.To apply your guild hall. Please try to contact our administrator , head moderator and moderator.
*must have atleast 5-10 members in game
*must have members in forum
Please follow the format to apply your guild hall here.


Guild Name:
Guild Master(in game and in forum):
Guild Members:
Forum Members:

GH password:
(depending on privacy you choose)

Incomplete applications will be denied

What to do in order to keep a Guildhall from being removed:

* Guildhall will be primarily moderated by the Guild Master (who is also the GH Moderator).
* GH Mod MUST set up at least 3 internal GH Rules.
* GH has to be active. It is recommendable that you also create some ?mini-sections? (you can do this on stickies).

On Guildhall Inactivity:
A GH is considered active with at least 15 posts per week by at least 3 different users, in case a GH fails to reach that activity the GH Guild Master and/or GH Moderator(s) will receive a PM from any of Moderators or staff with a warning of an imminent GH removal or the staff will post a warning thread inside the particular GH.
If the Guildhall traffic does not increase within the next week or if it falls under that limit again at some point latter on, the GH will be removed.

Who and what to post:
At least (three) 3 quality post from the GH Guild Master and/or GH Moderator(s) in response to the Warning Thread posted inside the GH.

If your Guild Hall has been removed, you cannot apply until 3 months after the removal.
If your Guild Hall is removed for second time, you cannot apply until 6 months after the removal.
If your Guild Hall is removed for third time your Guild Hall will be removed permanently.

-SaintsMu Staffs

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Guild Hall Application!

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